Chemical Free Germ Elimination And Protection Affordable, Proactive Treatments Take Your Cleaning Efforts To The Next Level 603.820.2932 info@ozonecleanse.com
        Chemical Free Germ Elimination And Protection                     Affordable, Proactive Treatments Take Your                       Cleaning Efforts To The Next Level                                                                                          603.820.2932                                                  info@ozonecleanse.com    

Is Your Facility Certified Ozone Cleanse Clean ?

Safeguard your clients, your employees, and yourself against bacteria, viruses, and mycotoxins. These health threats include: H1N1, MRSA, Salmonella, and many more. Our proactive, custom tailored programs can protect your facility throughout the year from toxic indoor contamination. You are left with a natural, fresh scent.




What Are Those Smells That Just Wont Go Away ?

Our proprietay, non-toxic treatments oxidize odors naturally at the molecular level. The technology allows for odor to be eliminated at the source with great results. Odors include: smoke, pets, urine, mold, and food. The process will also eliminate bacteria and viruses.






We will custom tailor a treatment plan that will meet all of your specific needs. Some environmental issues may require an air and surface deep cleanse of a home or facility. Others may just require an antimicrobial protectant application. SET AN APPOINTMENT


ATP sampling/testing of high touch areas will prove that the process is working. We will take readings before the treatment begins, and then again after the treatment is complete. This way you know for sure you are being protected from bacteria and germs. Testing and data logging can be incorporated into any maintenance plan as your needs require.






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